How Do You Sleep?

All this talk of mattress sizes and weird pillows has made me tired. But it’s also made me think about that old adage that how you sleep says something about your personality. So I decided to do some research and found that not only does your regular ol’ sleeping position reveal the hidden depths of your personality, but how you sleep after a romp in the sack and how you sleep with a partner says a whole heck of a lot about you, if you believe this sort of thing. Which I do. All the revealing info, after the jump… According to sleep research conducted by Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and a visiting professor at the University of Surrey in southern England, this is what your sleeping position reveals about you:

  • Crouched in the fetal position: Shy and sensitive
  • Soldier position flat on the back with arms at the sides: Quiet and reserved
  • On the side with legs outstretched and arms down: Social and easy-going
  • On the side with legs outstretched and arms outstretched: Suspicious
  • Flat on the tummy with hands at the sides of the head: Brash and gregarious
  • On the back with outstretched arms and legs: Unassuming and a good listener
  • Yeah, okay. But what about how couples sleep together?

  • Sailing away: “If your partner is sleeping in the furthest corner of your bed…this might be a sign that your relationship with him/her are not going too well.”
  • The Hug: “If you sleep with your partner face to face in a deep hug, congratulations on your marriage! This position is the most popular with the couples who have just met, or have just got married.”
  • The Spoon: “This is a very close position, it gives security. It is also erotic — genitals against buttocks. This position is the most popular between couples who are already familiar for a quite a bit, but still are deeply in love.”
  • Loosely tight: “This position is similar one to “spoon”, but…you keep some distance between you and you partner. This position is the most common between the couples who have been together [for a few years]…. They feel confident enough to sacrifice the closeness to comfortable night sleep.”
  • Hmm…okay. Oh, I think these little drawings are a funny interpretation of what his post-sex sleep position means.

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