The Daily Squeeze: Simon Cowell & Viagra, Mothers, History, And Wikipedia

  • American Idol judge Simon Cowell turned down an offer to be Viagra’s spokesperson, according to the British edition of Glamour. He also acknowledged that he uses Botox to maintain his face, calling it “no more unusual than toothpaste.” [NY Daily News]
  • Mothers tend to discuss twice as many sexual topics with with their children as fathers do, according to a report published in Pediatrics. [Reuters]
  • The exhibit “100,000 Years of Sex,” which features carvings and artifacts from as far back as the Stone Age, opens on Saturday in Trier, Germany. “Things we regard as normal now were regarded as revolting in medieval times,” the Rhenish Museum’s deputy director said. For example, child sex was OK among the Greeks, but it’s definitely not cool now, in case you were unsure. [IOL]
  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales allegedly dumped his “girlfriend” using Wikipedia, an example of combining work with displeasure! [Times Online and Wikipedia]