Roleplaying For Women At Tokyo Cafe

A Japanese cafe devoted to “boy-love manga,” or comics about boy-boy romance for female readers, the first of its kind, opened late last year. Business is going well so far — that particular genre is undergoing a huge revival in Japan. At Edelstein, modeled after a 1970s comic book about romance at a German school, feminine-looking waiters pretend to do homework so customers can escape into a different world.

In Japan, role play cafes for men have been popular for a while, but female “otaku,” the term for geeky fans of comics and animated movies, tend to be better looking, trendier, and more sociable then male otaku, according to a Reuters article. And 150 boy-love manga and magazines are published every month in Japan, so more of these cafes will probably follow. Interestingly enough, one of the popular themes in these comics is putting these feminine-looking guys in near-death situations. Hopefully this won’t happen at Edelstein. [Reuters]