Teenage “Nancy Drew” Tracks Down Her Mugger

Muggers, don’t mess with Yudelka Polanco! The 16-year old was walking home in Brooklyn, NY, when a juvenile delinquent snuck up behind her and stole her cell phone, which was equipped with a SIM card. When Yudelka later bought another phone, she had her information from that SIM card transferred to her new phone. Within those contacts, the mugger’s email address showed up because the idiot had used her phone to check his email. Doh! And like a savvy teen, Yudelka knew how to use MySpace. By searching his email address on the site, she found the alleged robber, Victor Hernandez, online. Since his profile was private, Yudelka enlisted a friend who pretended to flirt with Hernandez so he would add her to his friends. While the thief thought he was a real lady killer, Yudelka had carte blanche on his page and was able to get a good picture and plenty of personal information on him that she later presented to the police. Hernandez, who was just arraigned this week, will face charges of possession of stolen property, menacing, grand larceny, robbery, and harassment — proving that MySpace isn’t just a place for a mayor to post a salacious picture of herself — it’s an actual tool of the people. Power to the profile! [WCBS-TV]