Italian Courts Get Their Laws On Men’s Bodies

While the Italian Court of Appeals has got its defendants by the balls, they just brought their fist down on every fellow countrymens’. In a landmark case involving a mechanic being sued for what he claimed was merely jock itch, the court ruled that it is indecent to grab your junk in public. Although the judgment seems like polite common sense, superstitious Italian men grab their crotch for the same reason many Americans knock on wood. For instance, it’s used to ward off misfortune when a hearse passes. Crotch-grabbing has even got its own motto in Italy — “Lo mi tocco…” which literally means, “I touch my…” but is mostly slang for “fingers crossed.” Sadly, grabbing his crotch didn’t ward off bad luck for the mechanic who was fined 1200 Euros for rubbing the magic lamp in his pants. [Sky News]