Paris Hilton Picks A Girlfriend

Paris Hilton, 27, recently lamented to In Touch, “I never got to go to college.” Aw, poor Paris. Couldn’t get student loans or Swarovski just couldn’t rhinestone all those books? But, like an heiress, she’s found a lucrative and public way to duplicate this rite of passage on a new reality show in which she’ll try to find a new BFF. Paris plans on making up for lost time by filling a mansion with girls so she can have the college experience. “This will be my chance to be in a sorority,” she said eagerly. As anyone with a degree knows, “sorority” is code for “gay until graduation.” Maybe she wasn’t just testing the lesbian waters with Elisha Cuthbert back in January. “I’m really excited about this concept — I’m going to meet a lot of great girlfriends,” said Paris, who will capture all the panty raids on tape for MTV. [In Touch]