Online Dating: Top 5 Niche Meat Markets

Online dating is more popular than ever! Just like the movie and music industry, it’s getting into the wallets (and pants) of niche markets, as dating sites are getting as particular as their clients. Are our top five picks for going indie online, after the jump…

5. Farmers Only — Sick of city slickers? Check out this bounty of homegrown hotties from a soybean farmer who’s sick of urban girls to a dairy farmer who likes to dance. As one of the site’s cowboys promises, “Here’s your bull daddy!”

4. Green Friends — Meet someone who cares about the environment as much as Al Gore. Although they might not have a Nobel Prize or the budget to prove it, this vegetarian-only dating site uses an icon of a vegetable platter you can get at a grocery store to lure in lovers. Steamy!

3. Positive Singles — Want to find someone with the same hobbies and medical record? Avoid the awkward pre-game talk by matching up your new sexy date to your STD. On the site search, you can specify for potential lovers with anything from herpes to HIV.

2. Gothic Match — Looking for someone to share bottles of black nail polish with? This goth dating forum is the only one that is 16+ (because really, how many goths do you know over the age of 19?). But if you want to meet your Marilyn Manson, this is the site that’ll shine some love on even the darkest heart.

1. Geek 2 Geek — Get some sweet geek love that is usually reserved for action figures still in the plastic wrap. Two cuties, in the first page alone, borrowed their screen names from awesome Adult Swim shows on Cartoon Network. But if that isn’t nerdy enough for you, try Trek Passions, which caters to sci-fi fans, like this gentleman who posted, “I am a writer of comic fantasy looking to make a few friends during my stay on this planet.” Live long and prosper, ladies!