Japanese Love Hotels Go Classy

Japan’s “love hotels” aren’t smutty, by-the-hour businesses solely used for forbidden romances. Igyeon Kim, who recently published the book The Evolution of Love Hotels, found that the hotels have diversified due to fierce competition. Here are some of the main trends:

Resort-like: We think this might mean lovely, tranquil settings as opposed to ones with fluorescent lighting and red walls.
Amenity goods: “Women care about their make-up and hairstyle before leaving the hotel,” Japan Today reported.
Gorgeous baths: Because everyone wants to get clean after they get dirty.
Amusement: According to the article, the average stay in a love hotel used to be about two hours. Now, people are staying more than four hours. “This could be because women like to relax after sex,” Japan Today reported. “For this, love hotels recently have added audio facilities such as big-screen TVs, DVD players, video games, etc.,” which seem more for the guy’s use than the woman’s. [Japan Today]