Japanese Dating Guru Owes It All To Wig

Move over Mystery, there’s a new dating guru — but instead of a big furry hat over his bald spot, this guy’s got a spiky wig. And Satoshi Fujita claims it’s that very wig that boosted his confidence, like a woman with breast implants, making him a super stud with three self-help dating books, numerous television appearances, and a cult following. At his Pick Up School For Men Who Can’t Get Any in Japan, Fujita teaches the “science” he’s been researching for 10 years to hundreds of students a month. At $280 bucks a class, he describes his followers as socially awkward geeks who lack a certain je ne sais quoi that gets women in the sack. Fujita teaches these poor guys how to use “laughter, compliments, and magic tricks,” to seduce women. No seriously, his gag bag literally includes “flaming wallets, talking ferrets, and animated algae balls.” While he’s the first to admit he used to get about as many laughs as Carrot Top, now he claims to be quite the Casanova who gets more women in bed than a mattress company. “I always teach my students that sex comes first,” he says. “Then you figure out whether the woman is worth marrying later.” After a couple lessons in a classroom, Fujita takes his students out on the town to test his tricks of the trade in real life situations. He advises them that, “Picking up women on the streets is the best method for people who need miracles.” Uh, buddy, women on the street, sex first? Sounds like you’re getting lucky with working girls. Mystery solved! [Wired]