Gennifer Flowers: Sex, Lies, and Audio Tapes

Gennifer Flowers, the self-proclaimed “charismatic actress, comedienne, and singer,” is better known for her recordings of President Clinton. The pair allegedly had a 12-year affair that was exposed during his 1992 Presidential campaign. Memorably, Flowers called a press conference to play taped phone conversations in which they called each other “honey.” While Flowers claims she was offered millions of dollars for the tapes in the 90’s, she’s been holding out for 16 years for even more money. Either she’s the world’s worst businesswoman or she’s still gunning for Slick Willie. Flowers told The Las Vegas Review Journal that her auction has nothing to do with the primaries, saying, “I don’t need to hurt Hillary. She is doing a fine job of that herself, along with her idiot husband. Karma is an interesting thing. If these two don’t get elected, and they are a team, it will be karma coming back to visit them. It’s about time.” While the Clinton’s are back in the public eye this Presidential season, Gennifer with a G now lives as a lounge singer in Vegas and has some of the world’s worst/best glamour shots. It’s time to face the music Flowers, karma has already spoken. Although she has since written two books on her alleged relationship with the former President, Flowers promises her upcoming third publication will reveal a “special item” she has kept secret this whole time. Listen sweetheart, after the blue GAP dress, nothing can shock us. [LRVJ]