That Was Then, This Is NOW

With power women dominating the workplace, being a lady lately means balancing in more than high heels. In America, we have the WAC’s and WOW’s, who went to work in WWII, to thank profusely for truly being on the front lines for us. Although Rosie the Riveter gave womanhood a strong image, the way those new workers were treated was weak. In an issue of Mass Transportation magazine from 1943 that just resurfaced, there was an interesting article with Eleven Tips on How To Get More Efficiency Out of Women Employees. And there are some real gems, from tip #4 which insists the employer get their women inspected by a physician for any “female weaknesses” before they are hired, to #6 which encourages a tight daily schedule so the women aren’t “bothering the management every few minutes for instructions” because “women lack initiative in finding work for themselves.” Although, #3 really takes the cake: “General experience indicates that husky girls — those who are just a little on the heavy side — are more even tempered and efficient than their underweight sisters.” So, fat chicks put out? Now that’s heavy! Click the image to read all 11 of the tips and then make sure you hug a grandma today — she earned more than her wage. [I Heart Chaos via Jezebel]