Reading, Writing, and Reproduction

Kindergarten is all about learning the basics — from the alphabet to addition. With that in mind, lawmakers in the United Kingdom are exploring whether sex should also be included in their public primary schools’ curricula across the nation. “This review is a direct response to concerns raised by young people,” School Minister Jim Knight said. A panel comprised of representatives from organizations like the Family Planning Association, an HIV charity, and the Sex Education Forum, will be investigating the value of starting lessons at such a formative age. While the jury consists of colleagues that represent the political spectrum, they are expected to endorse a 2006 Government report, submitted by the Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy and the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV, which advised early Sex and Relationship Education. Children’s Minister Beverly Hughes hopes this kind of program will help prevent teenage pregnancy and give areas with high incidence rates the kick in the butt they need to improve their record. Although the preventive measure may seem extreme, sexuality is pervasive in the media and there is plenty of information at children’s fingertips on the Interweb. It’s better kids hear the facts from a teacher first, before they Google their questions and get links to kinky porn sites in return. [Daily Mail]