Puritan Pop Stars

Over a decade after Britney claimed she was saving herself for marriage, the Jonas Brothers, a popular teeny-bopper boy band, have decided to take a vow of celibacy too. The trio of short, dark, and handsome teens told Details Magazine that they even bought rings to commemorate their commitment to chastity from Disney World and Tiffany’s. (How punk rock!) Although it’s not actually working as kryptonite for their hordes of screaming girl groupies, the Christian rockers turned pop stars, who are now owned by Disney, want to stay shining examples of purity. Their tour director, Rob Brenner, who had worked with Spears, sees abstinence as a way to keep the boys focused and grounded, while avoiding the pitfalls (i.e. drugs, pregnancy, general craziness) of other stars who make it big when they’re young. So is their female Disney counterpart, Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus, who told Barbara Walters she’s sticking to her faith too. But that didn’t stop her from pecking on another girl in these widely circulated candids at a “sleepover party”. But uh, that was just girls being girls. So why not just let kids be naturally curious kids?! While we’re all for teens and adults waiting to have sex until they’re ready, making kid stars claim they’re celibate for publicity closes the door on having a dialogue about sex at a crucial time for questioning pubescent fans. For now virginity rules (Unless you’re Jamie Lynn Spears! — Editor], from the rising rate on our college campuses to bubble gum pop stars like the Jonas Brothers. If this trend continues, the next generation will be asexual. And that’s the thought that keeps this ol’ lady up at night! [Perez Hilton]