Tyra: Burns Bras Faster Than Benjamins

Dozens of women burned their bras on the street in New York City. While in the 60’s, that behavior was invented by the strong feminist leadership trying to destroy the social conventions they were bound by, in 2008 it just took Tyra. On her daytime chat show, TyTy did yet another “get the right fit for you”-style show. Earlier in the year she did jeans (and still managed to show off her thong) as she encouraged her audience to rip their pants off. This time, she did bras and got her fans topless — officially proving Tyra can get a woman to strip faster than tequila shots. At the bra bonfire, her brave regular gal audience strutted their half-naked stuff on a frigid winter day — talk about commitment. Take that America’s Next Top Models! [Dlisted]