Genius Idea: Tights That Fix Themselves

A research team created an elastic substance that can mend itself — simply push the torn material together and 15 minutes later, voilà! Besides applications in the fields of medicine and technology, tights that don’t run is another extremely practical possibility. I would have found a pair very useful the other night. I was running around my apartment, getting ready to meet a gentleman for drinks, when my last pair of black tights got a hole in them. Since I had about 15 minutes before I had to leave (ironically the exact amount of time it would have taken for a pair of self-healing tights to mend themselves), I decided to walk down the block to the drugstore and buy a new pair. However, I discovered that the drugstore doesn’t sell tights, only sheer pantyhose, which are not attractive. [Times Online]

Tags: pantyhose, tights