The Daily Squeeze: Drunk Driving, Unisex Undies, and Remembering

  • Sweden plans to introduce a new style of unisex underwear for hospital patients in an effort to save time and money. Currently, there are two styles of underwear for men and two for women. These boxer-style underwear, which are sure to flatter every bum, will most likely be introduced before summer. [Star Tribune]
  • People haven’t been getting the message that driving drunk kills, so a British health care trust sponsored the making of a sexy ad. Hopefully cleavage and moaning will get the message across. [Times Online]
  • Psychologists in Sweden are finding that men and women are better at remembering different things. Women seem to be better at remembering words, objects, pictures, and everyday events, while men excel at symbolic, non-linguistic information. Also, women seem to be better at remember faces. [ScienceDaily]