Text Message Abbreviations For The Advanced

Yesterday, Maxim’s Sex Blog had a post about “sext messaging,” you know, sending dirty text messages. It even offered up some suggestions, i.e., “IANWAP” means “I am not wearing any panties.” As you know, we think text message abbreviations are a little ridiculous, so Amelia and I (OK, mostly Amelia) came up with a few suggested texts for when you’re NOT in the mood. See if you guess what they are, then find out after the jump. ISIHMYP: I’m sorry, I have my period.
YIARHFM: Yikes, it’s a really heavy flow month.
YJTS: You’re just too small.
SIBHWMB: Sorry, I’m busy hand-washing my bras.
OJFOIHTC: Oof, just found out I have the Clap.
AYG: Aren’t you gay?