Stylehiving: Dressing Up For Date Night

Last time we set the boundaries for what a first date outfit should entail. Remember, the look should reflect who you are, shouldn’t give it all away (too tight, low cut, and too short are NO-NO’S), shouldn’t appear as though you tried too hard, and conversely, like you didn’t put any effort into your look at all. The outfit I devised to meet all these guidelines included jeans, a flirty top, a blazer, and boots. However, this might not work for everyone — say, women who LIVE in dresses (as many of my friends do). A dress does not always have to indicate high-maintenance, and finding a dress you love and building upon it with fabulous accessories may result in that ever-so-elusive understated sexy, laid back, fun to hang with-vibe that is guaranteed to keep him transfixed by you. Just check out the look sported by Anne Hathaway!
Mixing unlikely fabrics is big right now and if the Fall/Winter ’08 runway shows serve as things to come, the trend will be HUGE come Fall 2008. Don’t roll your eyes, I am not a blind trend-clinger, a condition whereby one does not look at the trends or formulate any opinions about them, but professes their love for said trend for reasons that don’t extend beyond its trend classification. However, this particular trend does have some meat and when pulled off right, can be simultaneously sexy and super sophisticated. Not to mention, considering we’re in that annoying transitional season when the weather can’t make up its mind and temperatures can go from the tropics to Antarctica, the look definitely has strong practicality appeal.

To work the look on a date, start with a simple dress that has a girly-flirty vibe — think soft colors, lace, chiffon, ruffles.

Catherine Malandrino Devore Dress, $695, Ella Moss Beatrice Dress, $200, Jill Stuart Averell Dress, $365

Pair it with a tweed blazer, cropped leather jacket, or tuxedo-inspired vest. This type of look beautifully blends masculine/feminine elements without going to either extreme, and is the perfect way to give your guy a taste that will leave him wanting more. Another variation of this concept is to swap the blazer for a professor’s cardigan, a cool and comfy way to tone down a dress that might seem too fancy on its own. To make the look more cohesive, put a skinny belt on over the sweater for that timelessly seductive hour glass silhouette.

LAMB Rebel Jacket, $365, Urban Outfitters Lux menswear vest, $48

The final step in achieving this look lies in the accessories. This is your chance to infuse your own personality into the look, because there is no dating faux-pas greater than trying to be someone you’re not. If you love old-school Hollywood glamour, complete your look with pretty pearls and a headband. If you’re an earthy boho-chick, add some eco-friendly touches to your look. If you’re a risk-taking fashionista, complete the look with bold colored tights (another major trend on the horizon) and layered necklaces. I think you get the picture. And no man, seriously, NO MAN, can resist a gal in heels — they don’t have to be stilettos or anything too fancy or uncomfortable, just something that gives you a boost- be it wedges, thick heels, booties, etc. They’ll lengthen those legs and put a bit more shimmy into your step.

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