Romance On TV: Lost’s Kate And Sawyer Make Beautiful Music Together

Lost is the best show on television possibly ever for a lot of reasons, five of them being 1) Sawyer, 2) Jack, 3) Sayid, 4) Jin, and 5) Desmond. Also, the amazing, twisting, turning plot line that forces me to think about things like physics and gravitational pulls and time travel and wormholes, which I haven’t done since I was a Trekkie. There’s not a ton of sex and relationships on this awesome show, but the only positive thing about a “Kate” episode, is that you know there’s going to be some airtime for Sawyer’s shirtless chest. Last night was one such Kate episode, and the two got down in a scene that kind of made our loins burn. In a good way! We won’t give away any of last night’s plot twists (Oh. My. God. By the way.), but here’s a totally gratuitous image of Sawyer, for your enjoyment. [ABC: Lost]