The Smurfs Are Coming!

The Smurfs, those cute little blue and white cartoon creatures you might have watched on TV when you were about six, turn 50 this year! Pretty soon, you’ll be able to watch all of your favorite episodes on DVD, and a 3-D movie is in the works, too. However, we’re hoping they update the cast a bit and add more female Smurfs in the new movie. If you remember, there was only one on the TV show, Smurfette. According to, “Smurfette was originally created by the horrible wizard Gargamel to cause trouble amongst the Smurfs. With a big nose and wild hair, she didn’t originally look like much. Using his alchemy and knowledge, Papa Smurf transformed her into the charming Smurfette that melts the hearts of the other Smurfs. She’s one of a kind, full of feminine grace and frivolous. She can also be very much a woman, playing with the feelings of her sweethearts.” Basically, all of the Smurfs want her, but she is kind of a tease. We think they should add a more diverse group of female Smurfs — maybe an ugly one, a geeky bookish type, a lesbian, and a punk rock chick. [NPR and and Happy Smurf Day]