Sex Tapes: Actually Scandalous In Hong Kong!

While every celeb in America has got a promotional sex tape — from rock grandpa Gene Simmons to Paris Hilton — in Hong Kong it is career suicide…and then some. Edison Chen, 27, a strapping leading man in Chinese cinema, collected suggestive photos and videos he had taken with many of China’s top female celebrities. Over 1,000 sexy shots were stolen off his computer while it was being repaired and then posted online, creating a surge in internet activity all across Asia. The authorities in Hong Kong have come down like an iron fist, arresting the nine men responsible for the leak and using an antiquated colonial indecency law to justify removing the images from circulation online. Even still, bootlegs are still being sold on the streets and women have gone crazy buying lingerie like those they saw in the photos. However popular and inspirational, the files have caused a scandal so severe that’s it’s been dubbed the “9/11 disaster for the Hong Kong Entertainment industry” by Forbes Magazine. Since female Chinese starlets are groomed to be idealized role models of virginal purity, the pictures come as quite a shock and are expected to crush all their careers. While Chen has publicly apologized for his behavior, he is still in hot water. In addition to potentially losing his endorsement deals with Levi’s, Samsung, and Pepsi, a powerful Hong Kong mobster with investments in media has offered $500,000 to anyone who can chop off Chen’s hands. Sheesh! What a shame — it sounds like he knows how to use them. [Forbes]