Student Sex Workers Rising Across The Pond

College students in the UK are getting sick of working their butts off and struggling to make loan payments, so more are turning to sex work in order to pay off their debt more quickly (while it may be quick, it’s certainly not painless). The number of students working in the sex industry has risen from about 4 percent in 1999 to an estimated 8 percent today, according to research by Kingston University in London. “What we can definitely say is that as long as student debt increases, so will the numbers of students entering the [sex] industry,” said Dr. Ronald Roberts, the psychologist leading the research. “Since the introduction of tuition fees in 1998 there has been an increase in students undertaking this kind of work.” It’s sad, but true that these women could work a legitimate job for much less, but, as Catherine (not me), who works as a prostitute, said, “I choose to have a job where you can make a lot of money in a few hours and then actually have time to do my uni[versity] work properly.” Study hard! [Times Online]