Sex On Campus: Rare and Juicy

What happens when a bunch of hormone-ridden college co-eds party together week after week? Apparently nothing. Hot fantasies aside, the cold hard data is in. Kathleen Bogle, author of Hooking Up: Sex, Dating and Relationships on Campus, has filed her report. While the number of nuns may be dropping, the number of women who qualify is rising — 39% of women enter college as virgins, and 31% leave with a degree and their “purity” too. For male students, their annual number has dropped from 2.1 partners in 2001 to 1.6 in 2006 (but we’re sure they’re really missing the best .5 of a lady). It’s really a sad state of affairs, especially at the Ivy Leagues. While they were able to slip into Harvard, nearly half the undergrads claim they don’t have carnal knowledge. Aren’t the smarty-pants the ones we want to procreate? The good news is, thanks to DIY media (from ‘zines to the internet), students are documenting their sexual experiences in record numbers. So while the pickin’s may be slim, they are juicy!
Although students seem buttoned up when it comes to sex in reality, they’re happy to expose themselves on the record, in writing and on camera. Yale just released another edition of its sex mag this month called SWAY, just in time for its namesake Sex Week At Yale. Harvard, a campus that just held a series of sex workshops for its students, has been publishing its own issues since 2004 in H Bomb. However, Harvard is infamous for one hot-lipped entrepreneur: Lena Chen (who’s work will be appearing in The Frisky later this month) writes the scandalous about her exploits. Boston University publishes Boink, a magazine about “College Sex and the People Having It” and the editor, Alecia Oleyourryk, true to her slogan, posed nude in the first issue. Now the collegiate page-turners have been taken to a whole new level with a nationwide booty report called The site, which just expanded to include all colleges this past weekend, has gotten so much traffic that it won’t load. “Too many people want the juice,” they say. [The Huffington Post]