Romance On TV: Big Brother Plays Matchmaker

Forget the Millionaire Matchmaker! Julie Chen and the rest of the people behind my favorite summertime guilty pleasure, Big Brother, are looking to play Cupid for the first Winter season of the hit reality TV show. For the ninth season, the cast is totally single and ready to mingle — or as Julie puts it, “looking for love”. After a week’s worth of episodes (the show airs a whopping three times a week on CBS, plus nightly on Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime), I really think the house guests are really only looking to hook-up and fight. The cast is paired up in teams of two based on their romantic compatibility, but that has already made for some trouble. Partners Adam and Sheila despise each other; a real couple outside the house, Jen and Ryan, were paired up with other partners that were apparently more compatible; and a couple that recently broke up in real life were reunited as partners inside the Big Brother house to neither of their pleasure. But there has been some “showmancing”, much to the producers’ relief. Via the live feeds available on, Jen and Ryan have been overheard gettin’ down and dirty in the bathroom, while partners Nat and Matt (aww, cute!) indulged in a little midnight canoodling. We can’t wait to see what happens next! [CBS: Big Brother 9]