Get Your Rocks Off: The Frisky’s Single Gal Date Mix

Valentine’s Day was a big date night feast and some of us poor suckers starved to death. Sometimes the buffet of singles doesn’t look so hot, but eventually you’ll have to eat something. Whether it’s tonight, tomorrow, or sometime in the future, you will be showing off your feminine wiles all in the hopes that someone will treat you to a meal. This important mating ritual requires a certain amount of finesse. And baby, we know you got it! Now it’s time to flaunt it. When you’re getting ready for a date you need to do three key things:
1. Look hot.
2. Feel hot.
3. Get yourself in the mood.
But you can’t fall into the typical traps caused by nerves. For example, spending too much time getting ready will just stress you out about how you look when you’re obviously smokin’– you already grabbed your date’s attention. And getting fussy before you go out is a recipe for disaster, so you must keep your primping to less than an hour or you run the risk of looking over-done or frazzled. Think of this mix as the sexy timer in your single gal survival pack. Its smooth grooves will keep your hips swaying and put your head and heart at ease. So when you finally meet up, you’ll be ready in every way.

Otis Redding — “Try a Little Tenderness”
Bjork — “It’s Oh So Quiet”
David Bowie — “Oh! You Pretty Things”
Shudder to Think — “Hot One”
The Cure — “Just Like Heaven”
The Velvet Underground — “There She Goes Again”
Billy Squier — “Everybody Wants You”
Peaches — “I’m The Kinda”
EMF — “Unbelievable”
Beck –“Peaches & Cream”
Etta James — “I Just Want To Make Love To You”
Claudine Longet — “Let’s Spend The Night Together”
Nick Gilder — “Hot Child In The City”
Marvin Gaye — “Got to Give It Up (Part 1)”
INXS — “Need You Tonight”
Prince — “U Got The Look”