Finding Out True Love Is Blind

Love is one of those things that has a million different precious expressions about it: Absence make the heart grow fonder. All you need is love. When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s the heart that matters most. Love is a many splendored thing…. The list goes on and on. Despite how cool they sound in song, most of the altruisms are unproven. Although, researchers at UCLA, just like the sexy boy band Louis XIV, are “Finding Out True Love Is Blind.”
In a study that teamed the university up with the dating site, 120 students in relationships were put to the test and asked to cruise for hotties on the website. After picking their fav photos, the guinea pigs then had to write an essay either about a subject of their choosing or their significant other. Each time they thought about someone they saw on the site while writing, they had to make a check. Gian Gonzaga, a rep for, has just published the findings in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior. As it turns out, students who chose to write about their schmoopie were six times more likely to not think of anyone else and were also rarely able to recall physical features of their top choices from the website. An associate professor of psychology and communication at UCLA, Martie Haselton concluded, “It’s like love puts blinders on people.” Aw, how cute. [ABC News]