Sign Of The Times

The Seattle Times is more uptight than, well, the subject of The Vagina Monologues. The paper refused to put in an ad for a local production of the girl power play by Eve Ensler because the image, a heart made out of labias, wasn’t “appropriate for their audience.” (But we’re pretty sure that well-informed newspaper readers already know about the vag.) The cherry on top of this story: the upcoming performances are sponsored by two reputable institutions, the National Council of Jewish Women and The Museum of History and Industry. The ad has been in other publications as well as put on display around town without complaint. The Seattle Times’ refusal to print the ad has left Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg of B’nai Torah bewildered: “We have it hanging in several different places in our Temple.” The show will go on, as scheduled, despite the prudish press. It’s just sad and ironic since the purpose of the play is to openly and honestly discuss the va-jay-jay. [Ad Week]