Romance On TV: When A Millionaire Meditates, His Date Will Lose Interest

Last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker featured Peter, who designs and markets cosmetics, and sells videos of himself doing Qi Gong, along with buddies Tai and German (pronounced “Hair-Mon”) who want to do everything together, including meet their dates shirtless. (They should become friends with Matthew McConaughey.)

Peter is an Aquarius, new to Malibu, and, through his charitable contributions, “fed 20,000 families last year.” He tells Patti that he doesn’t want a model actress and is more interested in someone who’s over 30 and into nature. (Also, from our observations, she would have to be very willing to practice Qi Gong. He’s very into it.) But when it comes to actually picking a woman, Peter, of course, goes for the model/actress who is young and stupid. The date really goes downhill when he meditates before eating dinner.

Tai and German are the type of guys who wear tight printed t-shirts and hair gel. We’re not stereotyping, they actually wear tight printed t-shirts and hair gel. They really just need identical twins who won’t mind when they act stupid trying to one-up each other. Tai gets a little too touchy-feely with his date and she tells Patti that she isn’t interested in his frat boy moves. German’s break dancer date, however, says she’d go out with him again. (He had some serious moves on the dance floor.)

One more important plot point: Patti’s mother comes into town, and the first thing that Patti says to her is, “You look really good! You’re nice and tan!” Who knew fake tans were genetic?