Online Confessional: Come Clean About Playing Dirty, a sexy site for singles in New York City, has wormed its way into our pants with smutty copy and personal ads. Just yesterday they added yet another guilty pleasure: a relationship confessional. No priest necessary. Within a day, the section is brimming with tales of love — lost, hot, and sloppy. From “I once left a twenty on a nightstand after a one night stand with a really snobby bitch who had blown me off a year earlier” to “I seek out women that I’m not attracted to online. I talk to them, make them feel super-duper special, and get their hopes up. Then when it’s time to meet I withdraw and act aloof and end up never talking to them again,” the gossip is juicy. It’s perfect fodder for a slow day at work — when you’re not surfing The Frisky, that is.