Lingerie We Hope You Never Have To Pretend You Like

Catherine Strawn | February 13, 2008 - 7:23 pm

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to gauge how much taste your significant other has, especially if he buys you lingerie. Because, while he may say that it’s a gift for you, it’s really a gift for himself. And it’s a bad sign if he’s choosing to buy a camo ensemble with the sides cut out. For more getups that are certainly NOT on your wish list, keep reading…

This lace teddy ($39) is sort of like a vest attached to a thong. [Frederick’s of Hollywood]

Of course you’ll be excited to learn that this micro fiber dress ($50.95) comes with a matching thong! [Pampered Passions]

Tara Reid’s next red carpet ensemble ($33.99). [The Red Door Store]

Doesn’t the model in this corset chemise ($224.95) look like stylist Rachel Zoe? [Pampered Passions]

The camo on this dress ($24.99) would not help a girl blend in anywhere. [The Red Door Store]