Worms Do Not Enhance The Taste Of Chocolate

More than $1 billion of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day alone, but apparently not all of it is edible. CBS2 in New York City purchased six bags of chocolate from different stores around the city. They found that five were inedible. Of course, this was a very small sampling, but most of the products had expiration dates that had passed, and one, a giant Hershey kiss had worms inside. Ewww.
I guess this answers the question that Sour Ball posted in the forums: “Some years back I bought a ginormo, super-expensive box of chocolates for Valentines Day — in the heart-shaped box and everything. Trouble was, my girlfriend dumped me several days before I planned to give it to her. A year later, it was still gathering dust on a shelf, and so I gave it to my new semi-almost-kinda-significant other. It was still shrink-wrapped. She never complained about a stomach ache, so clearly no harm was done. My question is, was this a bad idea?” Yes, Sour Ball, giving old chocolate to someone you supposedly care about is a bad idea. [CBS2]