What ILU Means, And Other Important Text Message Abbreviations

The day that sees the biggest increase in text messages is not Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even New Year’s. No, given that today is February 12, you will no doubt guess that Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday for text messages, according to data from AT&T. How romantic. Personally, I despise text message shorthand, but if you’re really lazy and need some suggestions for what to send your lovers and friends, keep reading…2G2BT: Too good to be true
4EAE: Forever and ever
AML: All my love
FTBOMH: From the bottom of my heart
ILU: I love you
IMU: I miss you
ISLY: I still love you
IWALU: I will always love you
KOTL: Kiss on the lips
TOY: Thinking of you
URH: You are hot

I don’t recommend using any of these, because if you really loved someone, wouldn’t you take the time to type eight letters and two spaces? [PR Newswire]