Japan Is For Lovers

Sure, from square watermelons to batteries that run on pee, Japanese culture can seem a little backwards to us Americans. On Valentine’s Day, traditionally, Japanese women give the men they’ve had their eye on chocolates. Then a month later, on White Day, the men have the same opportunity to gift give. While the holiday pairing sounds middle school-style romantic, it doubles the amount of days singles want to die. But luckily, Tokyo-based cosmetics marketers Hime & Company understand that flying solo is hard to do. In addition to sick days and vacation, the sensitive CEO, Miki Hiradate, offers his employees paid leave after bad break ups: up to the age of 24, you get one day a year, 25-30 years of age get two days, 30 and up’s get three days, plus two extra mornings off for everyone to shop away their sorrows! It’s like the man knows we want to curl up and cry while surfing the internet for cute shoes. But break-ups are bigger than one man or even one good company. The bighearted days off policy needs to be embraced by employers internationally. We need a celebrity to take this piece of legislation to the UN! We here at The Frisky nominate our British homegirl Lily Allen, who has been seen drinking alone out of a paper bag during the day since her Chemical Brothers boyfriend dumped her (after she had a miscarriage). Poor girl, she deserves a holiday! Breaking up is hard to do, no matter what you do for work — even if you’re a super hot pop star. [Inventor Spot]