Love and War: A Story That Will Melt Your Heart

Warning: this story is so sweet, it’ll give you a Valentine’s candy toothache, but it’s worth it!
When six-year-old Jannah Lynn Medvec was given a homework assignment to write a soldier in Iraq, her recently divorced mother, Carol, took her to church to get the pen pal’s name off a list of military men. The little girl began writing Army Reserve Sgt. Jim Schulz in 2006, and soon he began corresponding with her three other siblings too, acting as a father figure. Divorced with grown children, Schulz was lonely and found the dating scene difficult since his idea of fun was curling up with his cat in front of the television — which he had done night after night back in his small hometown of 2500 people, just one mile from the Medvecs. When Sgt. Schulz returned for a second tour of duty in Iraq, his job was to repair vehicles that had been attacked — an extremely demanding task on its own. Additionally, he had been in six roadside bomb accidents and had won a Bronze star for bravery after rescuing two other soldiers from a burning vehicle. The big-hearted hero would also use his free time to make fatherly phone calls to the Medvec kids. As luck would have it, one day Carol picked up the phone. She had been curious about the role model her kids confided in and the minute she heard his voice, she knew her questions and her prayers had been answered. In addition to thinking the sergeant sounded like Jack Nicholson (yum!), she found out she and Schulz had even gone to the same high school. Months later they were in love — with a $400 a month long distance bill to prove it. On leave from Iraq, three days after they met in person, the couple was married in the church where she had first gotten his name off the pen pal list. Sgt. Schulz finally returned home from Iraq this past fall to complete their big happy family and inspire the rest of us to pick up a pen pal asap. We here at The Frisky salute you! [The Daily Mail]