Romance On TV: It’s A Lipstick Jungle Out There

It’s weird — as much as I loved Sex and the City when it was on TV, in retrospect, watching the episodes on demand now, I realize how “meh” the show was in its last few seasons. Which is why I was half-super excited and half-weary of seeing the latest show based on a Candace Bushnell book, Lipstick Jungle. After watching the premiere last Thursday, I’m pretty sure that the show is going to have the same indulgent guilty pleasure quality of SATC, minus the oh-so-quotable-soundbites and wading pool-deep lessons. More of my assessment, after the jump.Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price, and Kim Raver star as the threesome replacing SATC’s foursome — Shields is movie studio exec Wendy, who has a stay-at-home husband and a child; Price (who you’ll recognize for her roles on All My Children and 90210) plays struggling fashion designer Victory, who’s being courted by her own Mr. Big (played by Andrew McCarthy, who has not aged as well as James Spader, in my opinion); and Raver plays a fashion magazine editor named Nico who’s married to a bookish professor (which subsequently leads her to cheat with today’s Hot Piece of Ass). So far, the fashions are fabulously unattainable, the scenarios are deliciously unrealistic (Nico’s boss tells her to her face that he won’t promote her because of her ability to breed — everyone knows sexist a-hole power mongers are far more subtle), and the acting is fun and over-the-top. The only thing falling flat for me was Brooke Shields, but maybe that’s because I find her character the least interesting. If the shows stays afloat, I look forward to reporting back on Nico, Victory, and even Wendy’s antics — oh, and fyi, this is finally the big break a hot actress like Lindsay Price needs. [NBC: Lipstick Jungle] [Photo and Video Courtesy of]