The Daily Squeeze: Vain Men, A Dating Exhibit, And A Ridiculous Lawmaker

  • A U.K. survey found that men spend 30 percent more time trying to look good now than they did five years ago, and they spend an average of 30 minutes getting ready to go out, which is the same amount of time that we spend getting ready, as long as we don’t have to shave our legs. []
  • On February 22 and 29, the Wood County Historical Center and Museum in Toledo, OH, will present “Dating Through the Decades,” an event and exhibit that shows how people dated then and now (and where — i.e., speakeasies and soda shops), as well as love notes, valentines, and wedding dresses from the Victorian era to now. Road trip! [Toledo Free Press]
  • Larry Liston, a state Representative in Colorado, lashed out at unmarried teen parents earlier this week. “In my parents’ day and age, they were sent away, they were shunned, they were called what they are. There was at least a sense of shame,” he said. “…They’re sluts. And I don’t mean just the women. I mean the men, too.” [CW2]