International Pick-Up Artists: Who’s Got Game?

“Your eyes are the same color as my Porsche.” While this pick-up line may have success in Germany, according to a Times Online article on international dating styles, all men find themselves constantly fumbling for a way to impress the ladies. From handling finances to feminism, guys around the globe chimed in with their whiny tales of chasing tail. What did they have to say? Frenchmen, known for their seductive savoir faire, gripe that it’s hard to meet women because they seem so busy. Passionate Italian men, who like to hoot, whistle, and grab, complain new sexual harassment laws are holding them back. On the other hand, shy Australian guys require a wingman for back-up. The well-dressed Brits find themselves too proper to make passes unless they have liquid courage and Germans are obsessed with self-help dating seminars. Wah, wah! What about American guys? Find out, after the jump.Shockingly, the article found American men to be successful at “strategy, planning, and execution,” and aggressive overall. However, the article isn’t scientific, and perhaps the American writer, Chris Ayres, is just a cocky bastard. But that only validates the article’s point more: in order to snag a babe, you have to have confidence. We all know hitting on someone can be as intimidating as getting in the ring with Mike Tyson — sometimes you can take a beating or get your ear talked off. We here at The Frisky, who love sexy accents, want to make everyone fluent in the international language of love. While it doesn’t take a common tongue, it does take conviction. So enough with the theory already — practice makes perfect! [Times Online]