Romance On TV: The Millionaire Matchmaker Vetoes Curly Hair

The Millionaire Matchmaker has completely sucked me in. Last night, Patti dealt clients Lonnie (as in Lonnie Moore, co-owner of the Dolce Group, which owns clubs like Les Deux in LA) and Patrick, who is a “diamond in the rough,” according to Patti. (He wears the same clothes he wore 20 years ago.) Here’s a recap: All Lonnie wanted to do is sleep with Sabrina, a beautiful model, and party with his friends. Uh, no. Lonnie is no longer a client of Patti’s. Peter is slightly handsome but really soft-spoken. He went for an Angelina Jolie-type woman (whose lips looked way fake) and, apparently, they’re moving in together and have plans to get married.

But, the most incredible part of the whole episode was when Patti critiqued a bunch of women who came to her office trying to get into the Millionaire’s Club. She told them that guys don’t like girls with short or curly hair because they want to be able to run their hands through it. She made one woman get extensions and told another to get her hair straightened. I have curly hair and and the feedback from guys has been great. One guy I went out with met me as straight-haired Catherine. Then a few dates later, I wore my hair curly and he went on and on about how much he loved it. But my hair is less “Brillo,” as Patti said, and more wavy.

Also, it kind of annoys me that Patti wears a diamond heart necklace all the time. So cliché for a matchmaker.