Gisele Has A Score To Settle, Naked

After New England wiped the field with the San Diego Chargers back in January, they were Super Bowl bound. Quarterback Tom Brady’s girlfriend Gisele was so confident in her man’s abilities that in an interview, she joked, “If the Pats lose, I’ll run naked through Midtown Manhattan.” Bam, that was a shot heard round the world! Bill Belichick, the Patriots coach, was distressed by all the noise, saying, “Gisele opens her big mouth and look at ‘em — half the guys are staring into space, the others are leering like they’ve just stumbled onto their uncle’s private porn stash. And who can blame them — that’s one fine specimen.”

While Gisele has a body that just won’t quit, there’s been speculation that she caused the undefeated Patriots to give it up at the Super Bowl, in the hopes that their loss would make her lose her clothes. Well, can you blame them? The Pats have three championship rings, but normally no chance at seeing if their teammate’s girlfriend is really Brazilian. Now Gisele is trying to do damage control by claiming it would take her too long to strut through the hordes of people in New York City. Wah-wah, a promise is a promise lady! Giselle has been pussy-footing around, and tried to soften her statement by saying she would flash Times Square. But while the Giants paraded through the streets of Manhattan today, Gisele still has yet to show us the stuff Super Bowl winners are made of. The least she can do is stand and deliver. After all, why should Tom Brady be the only one allowed to make a pass at her?! [Egotastic]