Pre-Nups For Bridemaids

Oh, Bridezillas, what will you think of next? An article in the Telegraph (U.K.) says that one in five brides-to-be is so concerned that her bridesmaids won’t be up to snuff on the big day that she would ask them to sign written “pre-nuptial agreements”, according to a new poll, while 48 per cent said they would fire a bridesmaid who failed to stick to the rules. So what exactly are these rules? Gaining any weight before the wedding and getting pregnant are among the no-no’s, because everyone knows that a wedding day is the bride’s big day and no one, NO ONE, will steal her thunder or make the ceremony a fat fest! Honestly, though, I am confused. I thought bride’s liked their bridesmaids to be a lil’ on the dumpy side so that they stood out as the hottest chick there in comparison? Isn’t that the basis for hideous bridesmaids’ dresses? Who cares if your cousin Sue puts on 10lbs because she’s depressed and lonely? I’m kidding. My bridesmaids, should I decide to inflict the cost of the honor upon any of my friends, can be any size they want and I’ll even make sure to pick out totally cute dresses for them — so long as they plan a killer bachelorette party. [Telegraph U.K.]