New York Takes A Dive Head First

After being spit on by Pumpkin, left by Tango, and dissed by Flava Flav not once, but twice, all on national television, we were really rooting for Tiffany Pollard aka New York to find a sweet lovin’ man who liked reality shows and fake boobs. On season two of Vh1’s I Love New York, we thought she had finally found the perfect fit in her man Taylor Made. The Mama’s Boy lavished her with presents, submitted to her whims, and took beating after beating from his top competitor Buddha just to stay in the game. The poor guy had been whipped in every way possible.

At the reunion show, they seemed so in love and had made plans to be married. But according to Page Six, the pair was just spotted having a heated argument at the opening of the Chelsea club Suzie Wong’s in New York City. After they screamed louder than Sister Patterson in church, the couple was caught head-butting each other on the street. (Fingers crossed Tiffany also put some protective silicone in her forehead and is A-Ok.) We all know it’s hard to find a good man, especially one that can handle a mother-in-law like the overbearing she-devil Sister Patterson. But we hope, after recovering from the Taylor Made concussion, Tiffany will feel up to I Love New York Season 3.