Hottie Sandwich: Eli Manning And Tom Brady

Super Bowl Sunday is a spectator sport if you’re an ass woman. Football players fill out those shiny spandex pants better than any hair metal band. When it comes to giving the ladies something to look at, star quarterbacks Eli Manning and Tom Brady are certainly Most Valuable Players.
Brady, with his rugged good looks had been undefeated all season. Even Matt Damon deferred his 2007 Sexiest Man Alive Award from People to his “taller, better looking version,” the Patriot’s pretty boy. Between his charity work in Africa or how he hobbled with an injured foot to bring his supermodel girlfriend Gisele flowers, on or off the field, Boston’s homeboy gets it.

His nemesis, the Giant’s QB, has got man written all over him — even in his last name. Eli Manning looks like the boy next door, but he comes from football royalty (his father Archie played in the NFL and just last year, his brother Peyton was the Super Bowl MVP quarterback after leading the Colts to victory). However, the Giants’ gentleman is humble, patient, and aggressive, and from the ball to the bedroom, we’re sure he knows how to complete a play.

So boys, now that the grudge match of the Super Bowl is over, we say it’s time to stop fighting, and start spreading the love with a special hottie sandwich we like to call the Quarterback quarterpoundher. Get it?