NPR Host Raises More Than Funds

Every woman loves a smooth talker, but no man appreciates a stalker- especially Garrison Keillor. The author, musician, storyteller, and host of NPR’s variety radio show A Prairie Home Companion can now add sex symbol to his resume. The generous gentleman just dropped a restraining order against a woman who wouldn’t stop sending him care packages filled with love tokens like dead beetles and an alligator foot. The crazy companion-ophile agreed to back off the radio star and let the rest of the animals in American live, although she plans to work on a book about how she believes, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, “she and Keillor influenced each other’s creative process.” Now this gal is nuttier than a couple months worth of on-air fundraising drives! Perhaps instead of their usual radio pitches, NPR could take a cue from their fans and the firemen and make a Hot Men of Public Radio Calendar. We’re sure a shirtless Ira Glass would bring in the big bucks! [TMZ]