What Clay Is Aiken To Tell You

Clay Aiken is back at it, answering questions about his sexuality — or a lack thereof, as he’s claiming now. In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Clay said he is asexual because he is “just too busy for a relationship” since his career is what he likes to do. Yeah, did I mention the interview was to plug his new role in a musical on Broadway? No offense to decorators and fashion designers, but jobs don’t get any gayer than theater singer/dancer/actor. Well, at least Clay will be among plenty of friends of Dorothy in the Big Apple.While he can keep masking his orientation, his guise is doing all the talking. Aiken everyday looks more and more akin to another gay music icon, David Bowie. I bet they have more in common than haircuts. See Clay, there’s a fan base out there for you! [ABCNews]