Laugh Like The Girls Next Door

You know how when people spend a lot of time together they start to dress alike, talk alike, act alike…I know it’s a slippery slope. But I’m obsessed with the Girls Next Door, the show about Hugh Heffner’s 3 blonde lady friends and I’m worried it’s beginning to show. Although I’ve already seen every episode, like a huge geek, I asked for the DVD’s for Chanukah. At first I was excited to watch them Playboy bunny it up over and over again, but now I realize the darkside of the force that is Hef’s gf’s: their laugh. Like one of Holly’s parrots, I’ve managed to pick up their distinct ½ stoner ½ blonde chuckle. Just the sound of it makes my tits seem fake. I hope it’s just a phase and soon again I’ll be able to giggle like I have a degree. But I’m pretty sure Nostradamus predicted the beginning of the apocolypse will be caused by an innocent meeting at the mansion, Kendra and Fran Drescher sharing a laugh.