Hottie Trend: Rockstars Get So Much P*ssy

What could make Pete Doherty cuter than his baby face? Saving kittens! Apparently the professional musician and recovering addict is a big softie when it comes to petting little furry animals- which is weird cause we know Kate Moss has got a brazilian. He’s opening his wallet like his heart and the indie angel is reportedly looking to fund an animal shelter in his hood. Doherty has even saved a one-legged hedgehog from the side of the road. You’ll never believe what the hard rock/harder drugs man named it: Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle! It’s sooooooooo sweet, we’re not even worried he’s going to give it crack (like he did his last cat). Awwwww, rescue me, Petey! 

But if you really like to see hot rockers playing with the other kind of pussy, then you have to check out the Liars video for their hit Houseclouds. The shirtless lead singer and gentle giant, Angus, sings to kitty. Purr!