Time Magazine’s Romance Issue

Time’s current special section, “The Science of Romance,” is available online, but if you’re too busy getting busy to read it, here are some highlights:

  • If someone calls you a flirt as an insult, just tell them humans are programmed to do it — if they’re not a flirt, their programming must be off.
  • Scent is a big factor when it comes to attraction — and not just Old Spice vs. Envy by Gucci. Being on birth control can throw off our scent-o-meter and mask our ability to detect incompatibility. So, this might mean that you can either prevent pregnancy or find a guy who’s emitting the right chemicals – tough call.
  • Guys may be able to pass traces of testosterone (nature’s aphrodisiac) through their saliva while kissing, which might be why kissing can lead to, well, getting naked.
  • A deep voice has seductive powers, though it doesn’t seem to work on its own because I’m not really into Brad Garrett. [Time]