Hillary Clinton: Fashion Victim

Hillary Clinton is trying to become the first female president, fighting her way for a sacred slot every young girl has dreamed about. Yet there’s been an appalling glut of woman on woman crime in the media. The way some female journalists are responding, you’d think Hillary is running for America’s Next Top Model.

Vogue’s reigning diva, Anna Wintour, has lashed out in her latest “Letter from the Editor”, filling it with fashion advice for Hillary as retaliation for her refusal to do a photo spread for the magazine. Clinton had been featured in the publication before, both as a First Lady and then again when she became a Senator, but this time Hillary declined because she is afraid of looking “too glamorous” or “elitist” to voters. We’ll set Wintour straight, after the jump…Stop whining Wintour, this doesn’t seem like an unfounded claim if you watch television. The cable coverage of Hillary’s campaign has almost become an episode of What Not To Wear or even worse, Extreme Makeover. Just this week, while interviewing pundit Ben Shapiro, author of Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer suggested Hillary get some plastic surgery done. Mr. Shapiro responded by suggesting she ditch the pantsuits and start wearing skirts and pastels so she has the “femininity that attracts female voters.” Does this dude really think women want an Easter egg for president? Love Hillary or hate her, seeing these respected women throwing in their two-cent tips like they work for Cosmopolitan is a real reminder that the country needs to focus on political do’s instead of fashion don’ts. [Columbia Journalism Reviews]