Couples Dating Is The New Swinging!

Now that I am engaged, I am already feeling the pressure to start hanging out with more couples, doing double-datey things like going to the adult arcade, fancy restaurants, and the opera. Which all sounded swell to me until a married friend sent me this video, warning me that this was what I was in for. Of course, I laughed, because this little toe-tapper by Riegal & Blatt explores the many ridiculous aspects of couples dating through hysterical one-liners like, “My wife and I see new friends, on who we can depend, because our single friends tend to party when we feel sleepy” and “How about a 7pm movie? Staying up late just isn’t groovy. Besides the farmer’s market opens early tomorrow — it’s almost strawberry season!” But then I wanted to cry because I never wanted to believe that getting married meant being so boring that you’re now the punchline to a joke on YouTube. Is it really? [YouTube: Weekend Plans]