Confession: I Hate My Gynecologist

Do any of you ladies kind of hate your gynecologist? I sort of do. I called in a refill on my birth control a couple days ago to a local pharmacy. The audio recording told me I didn’t have any more refills left, but that they would call my doctor for approval. Now, the last time I saw my doc, she gave me a six-month prescription and technically I did run out of refills a few months ago — I didn’t think much of it because she kept giving the pharmacist permission to refill it, and besides, I figured she could just write me a new prescription the next time I had a chance to come in for a pap. Which was going to be soon, I swear.

So anyway, yesterday she rejected my request for a refill, telling the pharmacist that I needed to call and make an appointment for an exam. Alrighty. Annoying, but okay, that is not entirely unreasonable. Besides, if I called this morning to make an appointment, she could call in my prescription after that and I’d be able to double up my pills today and not get knocked up. Unfortch, when I called her office this morning, her very bitchy receptionist told me that under no circumstances would my doc renew my prescription until after I’ve come in for an exam. Too bad, pathetic pap smear slacker, they said, “You’ll have to skip this month’s pack of pills.” Say what? My doctor is screwing with my hormones, which have been used to taking Ortho-Lo for over five years, because she’s mad I haven’t come in for a visit? She hasn’t called me about coming in. She hasn’t sent me a letter. She’s just cut me off. And everyone knows that if your body is super used to the hormone levels in birth control pills and you go off them, you can be much more fertile at first. If I get pregs, I am going to be pissed. Does anyone else think this is kind of unprofessional and unreasonable? Sympathize with me (or tell me I’m wrong) in the comments!